New 4 Song digital EP Album out now in 2020!

Blue Fox Knights have recently released a new 4 song digital EP Album available to listen to (and hoping you will buy) here on our website at 

The album is named "4Love" as each of the songs relate directly to love, albeit in :

  1. "Dark Deep Waters" features a powerful sea-horn sound and rich folk melodies and is about the concern for loved ones still out at sea;
  2. "Loving You" is an almost innocent, slightly cheeky 1960's sounding song;
  3. "How Can Love Hurt So" is anthem rock sounds with soaring vocals and love angst;
  4. "Love Is" is a passionately vocal cry for common sense in this increasingly strange time we now live in. Watch out for the unexpected change of pace and raw delivery of the final section it's dramatic!